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ARE Updates
ARE Updates is sent to ARE candidates. Topics cover the latest news about the exam, commonly asked questions, and important reminders.
AXP Updates
AXP Updates covers the latest news about the AXP, commonly asked questions, and important reminders.
AXP Supervisor Update
The AXP Supervisor Update is designed to provide tips for successful supervising and resources that will assist both supervisors and their licensure candidate(s) as they navigate the experience program. 

Continuing Education Updates
Check out the latest featured continuing education courses from NCARB, free to all NCARB Certificate holders.
Destination Architect
The latest news, tools, and resources to help you on your path to licensure. Empower yourself to meet your jurisdiction’s requirements in a way that fits your lifestyle.
National Architect
Perfect for NCARB Certificate holders and other professionals in the architecture community. Includes information on continuing education, volunteer opportunities, and industry updates.
During this webinar series, we invite expert panelists to explore program updates and trending topics. Past discussions include tips to shorten your time to licensure, changes to the ARE, career tips, and more!
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